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 Two of my favourite things... 
 a perfectly brewed amaretto latte +
a note of appreciation from a satisfied client. 


" You inspire me.  You are the most wildly creative person I know and a HOOT to boot Gabrielle.  There are many people that call themselves professionals and then there's you;  someone who actually takes the time to give a serious S#*T about what they're doing.  A trend setter and idea generator - your consultations are an absolute must for anyone thinking of building or renovating.  The fact that you can bring out the happy in me all the while is more than wonderful - it's what truly sets you apart from the rest.  


Mindy Lamont  - Grovenor Edmonton, AB

    infill custom build   

Appreciation is a wonderful thing—  
it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.


" Gabrielle should bottle her enthusiasm and market it.  She just has this way of putting one's mind at ease during the selections process and turns it into an enjoyable experience.  The quality of customer service she provides is truly top shelf.  Honestly, her suggestions are worth their weight in gold -speaking of which... she is a real GEM.   You're a doll. Many Thanks and Hugs - Both projects were a success - working with you was a wonderful experience - so much so... we not only have a gorgeous interior ...

we gained a great friend in the process.  

Shelley Henderson - Heredity Homes Custom Build Client

2nd Project Estate Home Renovation

colour + selections - kitchen + bathrooms    

 " This girl is all heart.  Gabrielle has an amazing way of connecting with people.  
Her enthusiasm is a game changer and the reason I chose to work with this company.  
She made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process - she really cares -

it was more like interior therapy.  She has a great sense of style, an eye for detail AND a great sense of humour which makes the entire process a lot of fun.  She knew what I wanted before I did.  I am so pleased with the renovation, from the kitchen, to the bathrooms to the exterior modifications - I'm totally feeling the vibe here.  

Thank you for making this house a home.  
GSDC is my go to style source for all my agents at Sterling Real Estate.
Sterling Preddie  Edmonton, AB
Ada Blvd. Reno
colour + selections - kitchen + bathrooms    

Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession.
_Gabrielle Bernstein

"I am very excited to see some of the creatively designed spaces by this dynamic duo.  The combination of Shelley's interior designed spaces and Gabrielle's expertise in kitchen + bath interior design, offers the client a completely customized space.


I would highly recommend the services of these fine ladies, if you're looking to sell a property or create an amazing space for yourself to enjoy.


Anita Van Breevoort
Senior Media Advisor


Western Living Magazine • Luxury Living • Home Décor & Renovations •Vancouver Magazine

"Gabrielle has displayed a level of creativity and professionalism that has exceeded my expectations over the years. Her eye for detail, sense of style and intuition on trends have always been spot on.


She leads by example with a positive mindset. She has a wide range of talents and skills that naturally led her to expand into full scaled interior projects, specializing in kitchen design and interior styling. She is a solid team player on a mission to inspire and her enthusiasm is genuinely contagious.


I highly recommend her design and interior styling services. 


Bob Moon 

VP Sales + Marketing 

Gem Cabinets Ltd. 

"I was just thinking about the spontaneous makeover that Gabrielle had done
a few years back in my Sherwood Park Home.

 I am still amazed at how much I LOVE it restyled again in my new space in the Okanagan...
 It's a classic interior.    

I can escape to my happy place everyday.  
I am looking forward to working with Gabrielle again on the rest of my home and would highly recommend GSDC to anyone looking to update their space to create a more intimate environment.  

The overall experience was very enjoyable and worth every penny.  
Thanks again.  PS... loved the lattes

Joanne Standish  Penticton, BC
colour consult + kitchen mod + room makeover

" I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Gabrielle over the last 25 years in the new home construction and renovation business with Stoneshire Homes. Gabrielle always brings fresh, new and inspired concepts to the table in kitchen design, renovation design, interior decorating and a host of other projects.


She is a conscientious listener, artistic designer and just plain fun to be with.


Gabrielle lives by her word - I can truly say that it is golden.


Heather Meunier

Stoneshire Homes

colour + selections - blueprint modifications + kitchen design

" We have had the pleasure of working with Gabrielle for the past 5 years.


With her knowledge, enthusiasm and infectious personality, she makes the somewhat mind boggling task of design + styling fun and exciting.

She has the ability to turn a dream into reality.  


We have always been thrilled with the end results and trust her to make the magic happen!  


Congratulations on the launch... I have no doubt that it will be a success.  

Your amazing ideas + personalized service is of exceptional value to any builder.    

Darci Stronach 

D+A Property Developments

colour + selections - blueprint modifications + kitchen design     

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it, it's what the customer gets out of it.  _Peter Drucker

" I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you!!  

You know... going in to this project, building what we were hoping was going to be our forever home, seemed to be a bit scary at first.  Where do we start?  What colours do we choose?  What about the design of the kitchen?  

How many pot drawers do we want?  What is the right style of tile for our space?  

What kind of hardwood should we be choosing?  How do we tie in the feature walls,  etc etc...

These were some of the questions that went through our minds when we finally finished our plans.  

We had a vision, a picture of what we were thinking we wanted to see - but we weren't 100% sure.  


After meeting you and seeing that gorgeous home that you had just completed,  we knew right away that the design process was going to be an amazing experience.   Through several conversations, either through phone calls, emails or the many texts - you listened to our wants, our wish list and soaked everything up.  

You really understood our needs and our vision Gabi.  

We were very excited to see what you came up with for our preliminary design day.  


WOW! When we started, we had one look we were after and weren't really able to see anything else.  After our meeting, you opened our eyes and minds to many different possibilities.  

Your design was incredible and your ideas on colour and style

were exactly what we wanted and we LOVE the look.  

Your vision, suggestions and ideas are refreshing and are of absolute value

to any one looking to build their dream home.   


Thank you again for all your hard work.



Rosie & John Demelo

new build - dream home

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